By Yvette Fintland

Yvette Fintland is proud to introduce an amazing young lady and loving soul.  She has inspired and supported many individuals to become and overcome many strongholds in the industry of modeling, acting and overall leadership.

Yvette Fintland was born in Long Island, NY. and spent most of her years growing up in Florida.  As a fit minded individual she attended schools for Track and Cross Country.  Yvette is a sports fanatic and aside from running she also enjoys swimming, diving, biking, windsurfing, snowboarding, paddle boarding and many other sports.  As an active youth and inspiring role model she continued her quest thru college.

After college Yvette began her search in the film industry and decided to join a couple of Talent Agencies. Shortly after joining Yvette was busy booking modeling jobs and representing private labels, swimwear, games, cars and hosting for many companies. Her quick adaptation and shining personality has lead her into the right circles.  Meeting those affluent in the film and television industries.

Shortly thereafter, she then was invited to try out for pageants and modeling competitions.  Yvette has been featured in International  and National videos, TV commercials, Music Videos, Short Films and Feature Films.


Yvette Fintland Careers

As Modern Miss USA, Latin Miss Orlando, Miss Venus and Miss Hawaiian Tropic

Yvette started to land print work and winning many model competitions, doors in front of her opened up to new venues and she ventured off into the acting side of the Industry.  Though never straying far behind her athletic abilities and fitness regimens.

Yvette then won speaking roles for feature films through some of her first modeling competitions and shortly after fulfilling her first movie role as a Sorority Sister for the movie “Wildest Dreams” Starring Christina Swanson who is  known for her role in “Flower’s in the Attic”, Yvette decided to shift focus from her modeling to acting.

Getting involved in as many projects as possible and not just as an actress, she also learned the “crew” positions that ventured her off towards directing, producing, camera operations and editing.

Yvette is now a well rounded talent with hands on experience on both sides of the Industry.  Yvette has over 30 years of experience in the Industry of modeling and acting and loves sharing her knowledge with aspiring talents in front and behind the cameras.

Yvette Fintland Hawaiian Tropic

Aside from enjoying the industry  Yvette is also a compassionate person that likes to give back to the community.  Volunteering in special cancer events, helping feed the hungry and donating to many organizations of important causes is what really had us lend an interest to her amazing attributes.

Yvette Fintland  is currently working on several projects including an amazing and upcoming TV Show she is directing called The Idaho Boys, where two politically diverse brothers produce a controversial talk radio show in a clumsy attempt to save the family farm.

Idaho Boys: Where the good ol’ boys ain’t so good.

If Television shows, Feature films, Commercials, Voice Over, editing films, or writing for film and international commercials isn’t enough to deal with, along with her years of experience in the entertainment industry, Yvette is always ready for the next project. Actively working as a Director, Producer, Actress and writing short films, she is also currently working on several projects from acting to behind the scenes.

We asked her how she manages to juggle so many talents and interests in both acting and directing and what is her secret to her success, she stated “I am enthusiastic, energetic and love being a part of the Industry. As the saying goes, The show must go on and I want to be a part of it, not only in creation, but fulfilling and communicating the exact feel and message that my acting and directing abilities have to their fullest potential. I guess you can call it a passion of mine.”

It’s very obvious that she has many talents, we also asked her to give us an example of what it’s like in the day to day of Yvette Fintland and she stated, “I have experience in short films, feature films, music videos, theater, directing and hosting live events.  My experience as a spokesperson for commercials, TV shows, behind the scenes and as an extra keep me on my toes 24/7 going from one event to the next, attending meetings with coordinators, staff and others, my most challenging task is scheduling it all from when my eyes awaken till they are ready for rest.”

When we asked her if she has any “Hidden” talents she told us, “I am extremely passionate, the extensive and successful experience as a model for commercial print, catalogs, magazines, runway, spokesmodel and instructor has allowed me to actively express my true nature and the Love I have for all life.”

Yvette Fintland Idaho Boys

With Yvette Fintland, what you see is what you get.

Through her use of captivating editorials and self written content, stunning photography, riveting videos, and being published across various mediums including, social-media, mobile, email, print, and website, Yvette Fintland displays the qualities of leadership with the latest fitness and fashion forward trends all coupled together with her knowledge of health advances.  Her beauty, spiritual growth, personal development, and with various other tools, she inspires both men and women to become their best both physically and mentally.

Yvette actively seeks to empower those around her by providing them a voice,  if it’s not two-way it should not be had, and she believes that to the core. She seeks to encourage and empower everyone to share their story and experiences, so we can all learn and grow.

Photo Credits: Brian Fox, Scott Chandler, Joel Wortman and Marc Young

Yvette Fintland is an inspiration for us here at and we can never be more honored to be connected with her and you should too!